24.10.2014|Lars Hertel|Object Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks    
31.10.2014|Christoph Schröder|Brain Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks    
07.11.2014|Annika Reinke (BSc Kolloquium)|Simulation and bifurcation analysis of thalamo-cortical models    
14.11.2014|Felix Effenberger|Self-organization in balanced state networks by STDP and homeostatic plasticity    
21.11.2014|Christoph Metzner|Modelling perceptual deficits in neurological and psychiatric disorders    
05.12.2014|Ulrike von Luxburg|Ordinal embedding    
12.12.2014|Ralf Möller|Logical Foundations for Interpreting Media Data as Streams of Data Descriptions    
19.12.2014|Christoph Lampert|Towards Lifelong Learning for Visual Scene Understanding    
09.01.2015|Timothy Pearce|Monoallelic Receptor Gene Expression and Optimal Sensory Coding in the Olfactory Pathway    
23.01.2015|Hannes Wendland|Modellierung der Fahreraufmerksamkeit mittels Blickrichtungserkennung - Eine Einführung    
06.02.2015|Erik Rodner|Adaptive Lifelong Learning and Open Vocabulary Object Retrieval    

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