Recently we have been involved in the Organic-Computing Initiative with activities and publications summarized below. For further information on Organic Computing consult the Organic Computing Homepage

  • Paul Lukowicz, Erhardt Barth, Jan Kim: Organic Architectures for Large Scale Environment Aware Sensor Networks. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Self-Organization and Emergence 2005, pages 131-139, 2005. (PDF file, 239 KB)
  • GI-Workshop on Organic Computing, Ulm, September 24, 2004. (PDF file, 31 KB)
  • Organic-Computing-Philosophie Workshop 17.-20.2.2004 (Kloster Irsee):
    Erhardt Barth: Prinzipien der Informationsverarbeitung im visuellen Cortex (PDF file, 1.1 MB)
    Jan T. Kim: Regulatorische Netzwerke (PDF file, 3.2 MB)
  • Organic Computing Initiative (OCI) Workshop: Hannover, Germany, December 1-2, 2003.