17.04.2015|Bernhard Haubold|Fast Computation of Evolutionary Distances between Genomes    
24.04.2015|Kurt Fellenberg|Bioinformatics in Borstel    
08.05.2015|Thomas Villmann|Beyond Classification Accuracy - Advanced Strategies for Learning Vector Quantization    
29.05.2015|Carsten Allefeld|Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis of fMRI by cross-validated MANOVA    
05.06.2015|Ullrich Köthe|Advanced Segmentation of Biological Images with ilastik and Multi-Cuts    
12.06.2015|Tal Dagan|The lateral component of microbial genome evolution    
19.06.2015|Julien Dutheil|Population genetics with complete genomes: new coalescent models shed light on our evolutionary history    
26.06.2015|Claus Hilgetag|Understanding causal functions of brain networks through computational modeling and lesion analysis    
10.07.2015|Gerhard Rigoll|Graphical Models for Fusion of Higher and Lower Level Information in Tracking and Gesture Recognition    

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