DFG project  "Thalamocortical modelling" in the SFB 654 "Plasticity and Sleep" (project A6)


Sleep is beneficial for the consolidation of memories. To understand the difference of synaptic plasticity during sleep and wakefulness, we are using theoretical modeling and computational neuroscience approaches.  

The main goals are:

  • to develop brain stimulation protocols for optimized enhancement of memory consolidation during sleep
  • to determine neurophysiological mechanisms contributing to these effects of brain stimulation on memory consolidation

These aims are to be achieved 

  • by measuring the endogenous (up/down) state dependent responsiveness (EEG and behavioral) to brain stimulation during memory consolidation in sleep
  • by measuring the impact of stimulation on neurochemistry
  • by computer simulations of models of the underlying processes



Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Martinetz

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