VORTRAG Frederik Kaiser:

"Industrial X-Ray image processing used for fast electronic component counting"

X-Ray technology is not only used in medical image acquisition. There is also a wide range of applications in the industry. Examples are inspection of castings for automotive manufacturing, weld inspection or inspection of electronic components. Industrial X-Ray technology is also an interesting field for automated image processing, machine learning and pattern recoginition. Industrial X-Ray image processing machines should be fast and should require as few human supervision as possible, to be efficient. A new machine from VisiConsult, an X-Ray techology company from Stockelsdorf near Lübeck, is the XRHCount. It is an machine to count electronic components on reels. With the help of X-Ray image acquisition and image processing, component counting is faster and more efficient than the traditional way of counting by rewinding the component tape from one reel to another. This talk will present some applications of industrial X-Ray image processing and will give an insight into the X-Ray counting machine XRHCount.


Ort: INB Seminarraum