30.10.2015 Stas Semeniuta Dropout regularization for recurrent networks
13.11.2015 Thomas Villmann Beyond Classification Accuracy - Advanced Strategies for Learning Vector Quantization
20.11.2015 Frederik Kaiser Industrial X-Ray image processing used for fast electronic component counting
27.11.2015 Anne Kupczok Studying genetic heterogeneity within microbial populations using high-resolution metagenomics
11.12.2015 Frank Steinicke Walking in a Virtual Wonderland
18.12.2015 Enkelejda Kasneci Eye tracking in natural settings - Challenges and opportunities
08.01.2016 Boris Knyazev Video recognition
15.01.2016 Sören Krach und Frieder Paulus Integrating Pupillometry and fMRI to Investigate Social Emotions
22.01.2016 Hans Sixl Elementary Physics of the Mind - Evolution of Information and of Information Processing
05.02.2016 Tobias Lenz Evolutionary genomics of an optimal adaptive immune response

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