17.04.2015 Bernhard Haubold Fast Computation of Evolutionary Distances between Genomes
24.04.2015 Kurt Fellenberg Bioinformatics in Borstel
08.05.2015 Thomas Villmann Beyond Classification Accuracy - Advanced Strategies for Learning Vector Quantization
29.05.2015 Carsten Allefeld Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis of fMRI by cross-validated MANOVA
05.06.2015 Ullrich Köthe Advanced Segmentation of Biological Images with ilastik and Multi-Cuts
12.06.2015 Tal Dagan The lateral component of microbial genome evolution
19.06.2015 Julien Dutheil Population genetics with complete genomes: new coalescent models shed light on our evolutionary history
26.06.2015 Claus Hilgetag Understanding causal functions of brain networks through computational modeling and lesion analysis
10.07.2015 Gerhard Rigoll Graphical Models for Fusion of Higher and Lower Level Information in Tracking and Gesture Recognition

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