Dr. Steffen Möller

Photo of Dr. Steffen  Möller

Head of Bioinformatics Group

Proteome Center Rostock
Schillingallee 69
18057 Rostock

+49 381 4 94 49 30
+49 381 4 94 49 32

Research interests

In general, this is any computational tool that supports biological research. The work I personally liked most is

  • GPCR coupling prediction
  • Intergenomics on disease-associated chromosomal loci
  • many more on agents and transmembrane proteins

Current activities involve the computer aided interpretation of what we get from genome-wide SNP studies. And it was these thoughts that guided me into the field of grid computing. Something that albeit having published on is less of a science but more of a promotional nature is my involvement with the Debian Linux distribution. This is bunch of enthusiastic people who mutually help each other and (en passent the world) in maintaining their research infrastructure. This comprises both general IT and bioinformatics applications.

Active Projects

  • EU project "Know ARC" on grid computing. A single look on the Nordu Grid monitor says more than a 1 000 words. I am investigating how grid technologies can become more applicable for bioinformatics:
  • Dynamic Runtime Environments
  • Embedding grid jobs in bioinformatics workflow suite Taverna
  • Expression QTL analysis in a murine model of Multiple Sclerosis 


  • Apical-basolateral distribution of epithelial membrane proteins
  • sugaR - R package for plotting a diabetes diary


For my first degree in the early nineties of the last century I was joining some fun competitions that I like to think back about:

  • National Programming Contest, U Texas, Austin, TX, USA
  • 1995 Shocc - Shortest C Contest, Kaiserslautern, Germany

and I had helped with the 1994 MICE (Most Intelligent Corn Eater) competition in Hildesheim, Germany. Since then I contributed to two projects that were rewarded: 

  • 2005 - Intergenomics on QTL (German QUECKENSTEDT Award for research in multiple sclerosis)
  • 2006 - prediction of a pical-basolateral sorting in kidney epithelia (Jugend forscht)



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